Alessandra Nostro

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 20 5661717

Research Interests:

My principal research interests lie in the fields of social neuroscience and neuroimaging techniques and their use in the investigation of neural processes in typical individuals and individuals with different disabilities.

During my PhD in Prof Eickhoff’s lab (Jülich, Germany) I have been working on multimodal characterization of neurobiological substrates in personality traits and potential gender differences associated thereof.
Joining the Social Brain Lab, I intend to investigate how the distress of others flows into our decision making and therefore how the ratio between costs and benefits associated with a particular choice influence the way we learn the consequences of our actions. These potential individual differences could thus allow us to gain a novel perspective into decision making and prosocial behaviors.

Techniques and methods:
Behavioral, MRI, VBM, Resting-State Functional Connectivity, Meta-analytic approaches (MACM, ALE) using large scale neuroimaging databases, Machine learning