Doris Dijksterhuis

PhD student

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Phone: +31 20 5664905
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The influence of attention and reward on learning in the human brain

We aim to better understand the factors that determine learning in the human brain. Our ability to learn hinges on changes in the brain’s representations. We aim to achieve a deeper understanding of the factors that determine the learning of new knowledge and skills. This knowledge is not only of great fundamental importance, but it will also pave the way for a better understanding of abnormal learning processes that occur in some adolescents, inside and outside the classroom, which sometimes prevent their full participation in society. This research will investigate how rewards and attention influence the malleability of neuronal representations in the human brain using fMRI and by recording the activity of single neurons in the brain of patients.


After finishing her bachelor psychobiology, Doris Dijksterhuis graduated from the master Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. She started her PhD project in the Vision & Cognition lab in September 2018.