Julen Hernandez-Lallement


Phone: +31 20 5661717



My research focuses on the neural bases of prosocial behavior. Using a broad range of techniques such as pharmacology, electrophysiology and cellular imaging, I investigate how prosocial behavior and related impairments emerge from neural activity using animal models. As a PostDoc in the Social Brain Lab, I particularly focus on empathy-driven prosociality and develop animal models to scrutinize how empathy might drive subsequent behavior as a tangible readout.

Mini Bio

Julen Hernandez-Lallement obtained a Bachelor and Master of Neuroscience in France and Italy, and performed his diploma theses using electrophysiology in mice and behaving monkeys, respectively.

In 2010, he started as a research assistant in the Life & Brain institute, Bonn Germany, under supervision of Klaus Fliessbach. There, he became acquainted with human imagery techniques and led a research project on effort-based decision making in humans using functional magnetic resonance imagery.

Going back to his initial interest in animal models, he started his PhD in 2011 in the lab of Comparative Psychology lab, Duesseldorf, Germany, where he explored the behavioral and neural bases of pro-social decision making in rats, under the supervision of Tobias Kalenscher.

In 2016, he started as a PostDoc fellow in the Social Brain Lab, under supervision of Christian Keysers and Valeria Gazzola.


please click here at my google.scholar profile for an up-to-date list of my publications.