Ruben Eggers

PhD student
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 20 5665510



Root avulsions due to traction to the brachial plexus causes complete and permanent loss of function. Until fairly recent, such lesions were considered impossible to repair. Although reimplantation of an avulsed ventral root does lead to some motor axon regeneration, the degree of function recovery remains poor. Possible explanations can be found in the apparent inverse correlation between the distance (i.e. time) needed to reach the distal target muscle and the degree of motoneuron survival, axonal regeneration and pro-regenerative state of the peripheral nerve.

My PhD project aims to promote regeneration of motor axons towards the distal target musculature ultimately leading to improved function recovery. One of the tools used is application of gene therapy using a stealth gene switch for glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) at the site of ventral root implantation. This system enables us to temporally control expression of this motoneuron survival- and regeneration promoting factor. This has led to prolonged motoneuron survival, increased distal motor axon outgrowth and improved electrophysiological responses of the distal target musculature.


Ruben Eggers graduated in Medical and Biological Laboratory research with a major in animal experiment and biotechnology at the Hogeschool Utrecht. He started as a technician in the Verhaagen group, conducting and supporting studies focused on improvement of function recovery using multiple intervention strategies in both CNS and PNS nerve lesion models. His expertise concerns technical aspects concerning microsurgery, intervention strategies using viral vectors, validation of recovery of function, histological processing and dataset analysis. Since June 2014, he simultaneously started as PhD student supervised by Prof. Joost Verhaagen and Prof. Martijn Malessy (LUMC).


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