Tycho Hoogland

Senior Scientist

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 20 5664424


Applying optical tools to unravel olivo-cerebellar circuit function and cerebral-cerebellar interactions in awake behaving as well as sleeping animals (funded by KNAW, NWO ALW, Veni and EU-NeuroTime).

I am a visiting scientist in the De Zeeuw group and assistant professor at Erasmus MC. Together with a team of mechanical and electrical engineers, I am leading the development of novel miniscope imaging tools at the NIN that have reduced size and weight. This opens up the possibility to study the multi-unit activity of neurons of different brain regions at the same time. In the De Zeeuw lab we are applying this to study coherence between individual neurons in the cerebellum and those in the cerebral cortex of freely moving, awake behaving and sleeping animals in health and disease. We further investigate the cellular basis of input integration in the inferior olive brain stem nucleus and its role in the timing and execution of complex movements.