Pieter Roelfsema

Internship: Developing a setup for behavioral training in mice

Student Project
Developing a setup for behavioral training in mice. The ambitious goal is to build up new hardware and software and a state-of-the-art setup. Once the setup is ready, this project includes animal handling and training, and the analysis of data.
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Daily support
Chris van der Togt


Mice are an important animal model in visual neuroscience. However, much of the data recorded from mice so far was collected from anesthetized animals. We aim to study visual processing the cerebral cortex of awake mice, while they perform a simple visual task. The mice will be trained to respond to stimuli on a screen in a stimulus-specific way (e.g. differentiate between two different stimuli).

The first part of this project consists of building a setup with a (for our lab) new type of responsive device for the mice. A technical background or strong interest is necessary, since the project includes putting together hardware and programming software, resulting in a functional setup.

If the setup is up and running and the time allows, the project will also include animal handling and training, and the analysis of electrophysiological, 2-foton, wide field imaging, and/or behavioral data.

If you are interested in this project, please respond by sending 1) a motivation letter, 2) your CV and 3) grades from your bachelor and/or master.