Internship: Human visual processing

Student Project
We investigate neural mechanisms underlying visual information processing in humans. Research techniques include mainly psychophysics, eye-tracking and fMRI.
To be determined - at least for 5 months
Daily support
To be decided
Senior Tutor


Vision and Cognition

An example of a possible project is investigating the (serial) perceptual grouping process in the human brain and the role of attention in perceptual grouping and neuronal plasticity. Experiments can also aim to identify the neural mechanisms underlying perceptual grouping, object recognition, border-ownership, reinforcement learning, etc. Depending on the student’s interest and duration of the internship, the student will be involved in a visual perception experiment which involves: task design, testing participants, and data analysis. The student also participates in weekly group discussions and lab meetings.

For this we need the student to be available full time for at least 5 months and the student must be willing to learn how to program in Matlab. Also should the student be aware that we do not have funding, nor housing.

If you are interested in this project, please respond by sending 1) a motivation letter, 2) your CV and 3) grades from your bachelor and/or master.

Thank you for your interest in our lab!