Internship: Axonal Plasticity

Master student internship to study axonal plasticity in the mouse hippocampus with live imaging and electrophysiological tools.
Starting date: July, latest September
min. 6 months
Daily support
Nora Jamann
Senior Tutor


Our group studies how structure and function of axons adapts to changes in neuronal firing patterns and shapes neural processing within brain circuits. We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic master student to join our team and participate in a project investigating plasticity of the axon initial segment in mouse hippocampus. It is a collaborative project between several members of the group, with part of the experiments being carried out in Utrecht (Biology Department) and part in Amsterdam. You will participate in carrying out neurophysiology experiments at the NIN (Amsterdam).

The techniques will include animal handling, acute brain slice preparations, immuno-histochemistry, live confocal microscopy, super-resolution imaging and electrophysiological recordings (whole-cell patch-clamp). Since learning these techniques requires time, we will give preference to MSc students familiar with the concepts of neurophysiology (or other relevant background) and who are willing to stay a minimum of six months (or longer), having prior experience with relevant techniques. Additionally, the student should bring a high level of motivation to learn and improve his or her methodological skills. You will participate in regular lab meetings, read the literature about the topic, collect and analyze data and in the end present the research findings to the group. We will provide excellent and close supervision within a highly social and supportive research environment, as well as the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art techniques.