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Internship: using Python programming to analyze synapse activity during cortical development

In this internship, you will use Python to develop an automated analysis method for the detection of synapse activity throughout brain development.
6 - 12 months
Daily support
Tamara Buijs
Senior Tutor


The Synapse and Network Development (SND) laboratory led by Prof. Christian Lohmann studies how neuronal connections and brain circuits develop using in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology and advanced microscopy in mice. We are currently generating a large data set containing information on the activity of individual synapses throughout the development of neuronal networks of the visual cortex in young mice. We are offering a computational neuroscience student internship to assist with data analysis using the Python programming language.

What are you going to do

  • Filtering and processing of the raw calcium imaging and electrophysiology data using ImageJ, Clampfit, Matlab, and Python.
  • Make decisions regarding the specific parameters of calcium signals that are associated with synapse activation.
  • Develop an automated detection method of these signals using Python.
  • Generate a well-documented pipeline that can be shared on GitHub.
  • Use this pipeline for detection of synapse clusters that may underlie supra-linear dendritic integration, and discover plasticity mechanisms underlying synapse activity throughout development.

Your skills, qualities and experience

  • Interest in computational neuroscience.
  • Proficient in the Python programming language.
  • Highly organized working style.
  • Team player.
  • Fluent in English


The internship is for a period of 6-12 months.


For additional information please contact Dr. Tamara Buijs ([email protected]) or Prof. Christian Lohmann ([email protected]).

Application and deadline

Applicants are requested to write a short letter in which they motivate their application, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and one or two references. Applicants should send this in a single PDF-file by email, to [email protected], with reference “internship”. Evaluation of candidates will begin immediately and will continue until the vacancy is filled.