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Anita Lygeroudi


About Anita

(Anita’s short story)

Hi! My name is Anita

And I hope this story finds you as breezy as a margarita

I am from Greece according to my genealogy

But my heart always belonged to Molecular Biology

At Crete I started my Neuroscience MD

Which led me to Amsterdam and Research in AD

In the lab you’ll find me loading a qPCR plate

So please close lightly the fridge door mate!

Apart from spending a lot of time at the NIN

I enjoy traveling to places I have never been

My favorite season is summer and I fancy long walks at the beach

But when I try to get tanned, I admittedly look like a peach!

I have a passion for food and a love for exercise

And everybody that I know won’t tell you otherwise

But this short story has come to its end

Even though it’s just an introduction of what lies ahead

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