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Giving blind people the opportunity to see again, that is the ambition of Professor Pieter Roelfsema and The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. With the use of a brain implant, it is possible to give blind people a form of sight back. Enabling this, provides an enormous improvement to their daily life.

To facilitate this groundbreaking research, 6 million Euros in funding is needed. Will you help? Donate now and help give the blind their sight back!


Donate, and help blind people see again

6 million to enable blind people to see again

To be able to give blind people a form of sight back, glasses with an inbuilt camera are connected to the visual cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that enables sight. The glasses transform images to small electric currents that create visual perceptions in the brain. By doing this, blind people can perceive shapes, walk through rooms and recognize people. For the blind population, rediscovering these abilities forms an important part in regaining their independence.

To enable this groundbreaking research, 6 million Euros in funding is needed. The goal of the research is to implant the first visual prosthesis in a human in 2023. Contribute to this cause by donating to this research.


Hein Noortman knows what it is like not to be able to see. Due to a tragic climbing accident he lost his sight. The entrepreneur’s life – and that of his family – was instantly turned upside down. As an experienced climber, he was on his way to a new climbing adventure in the mountains. But during the preparations for this trip, at the climbing hall in Rotterdam, things went horribly wrong. He fell from 15 metres high and landed on the ground with a thud. Almost every bone in his body was broken due to the fall. After spending five weeks in coma, he finally awoke. The new reality he woke up to was that he was unable to do or see anything.

But Hein refused to give up. He embarked on a journey to relearn everything, from swallowing, to walking, talking and moving. Against all odds he survived the fall. His body recovered, for the majority, except for his eyes. He remained 100% blind. And due to that, he is forced to miss a lot of his life and family.

Een foto van Hein Noortman op een berg met klimuitrusting

Help Hein to see again one day

Hein has made it his life’s mission to raise the needed 6 million Euros. In collaboration with The Friends Foundation Hein initiated the campaign BringINsight.

It is Hein’s great wish that one day he will be able to see again, with the help of Professor Pieter Roelfsema’s invention. With your help that wish can become reality. Are you willing to help? Then please donate now!


Each day I live in a dark hole and have to experience what 40 million blind people go through every single day.” – Hein Noortman


Experience what it is like to be blind

How do you navigate a city when you are unable to see anything? In the game The Blind Experience you are solely dependent on your hearing. You will experience what more than 70.000 people in The Netherlands – who have become blind later in life – and 40 million people worldwide, experience daily, in their homes, on the street, in their lives. The aim of the game is to navigate through a virtual city, in search of the Professor Pieter Roelfsema Laboratory. On your way, you will encounter many different obstacles and you will also meet Hein Noortman.


Play The Blind Experience

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  • The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience can further develop the visual prosthesis.
  • You contribute to helping blind people see again.