Testamentary Gifts

Money you bequeath to us via your last will and testament will help the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience step up its research and possibly reach groundbreaking results sooner rather than later.
If you wish to leave a legacy to the Friends Foundation, you will need to specify this in a will. You will need a notary to help you draw up a will.

The Dutch Tax Authority has designated the Friends Foundation as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). This means that the Foundation is exempt from gift tax for your contribution, and that the Friends Foundation will benefit from the entire amount of money or all of the goods that you bequeath to us. This will further facilitate our groundbreaking brain research.
There are various ways in which you can leave us money via your will.


A legacy is a fixed amount or goods (for instance, a house or a work of art) that you leave to a person or organization. If you include a legacy in your will, this will first be deducted from your total inheritance. The remaining amount will be divided among your other heirs. A legacy is a good way of leaving smaller amounts (to more than one organization).

Institution of an heir

An institution of an heir means that you assign a fixed part of your capital to one or more heirs via your will. Including the Friends Foundation in your will as an heir will mean that the Foundation will receive the part that you have assigned to the Foundation, after deduction of all legacies and costs (for instance, outstanding invoices and funeral costs).
You can include us in your will along with others, both individuals and charities, but of course also as your only beneficiary.

Named Fund

A Named Fund is a fund that you establish during your lifetime or after your demise, via your will. Creating a Named Fund means you yourself can determine for which purpose and how we spend your money. Establishing a Named Fund with our Friends Foundation is possible for amounts upwards of €25.000. (to be determined).

Questions, or need help?

Should you have questions about including our Friends Foundation in your will, please contact us via [email protected].