Named fund

A Named Fund is a special way of supporting the scientific research of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. Creating a Named Fund means you yourself can determine for which purpose and how we spend your money. You yourself can choose the name of the fund. Establishing a Named Fund within our Friends Foundation is possible for amounts upwards of € 25.000.

Creating a Named Fund means there may be options to profit, under certain conditions, from tax advantages.
•    A one-time gift may be deducted at once, if the total of your gift is between 1% and 10% of your (aggregate) income;
•    The entire amount you donate is tax deductible if it concerns a periodic donation where you donate the same amount every year for at least 5 years.
The Friends Foundation is exempt from gift tax for the money you donate via a Named Fund.

For more information please contact us via [email protected].