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The Verhaagen and the de Zeeuw group receive 700,000 euros

The research groups of Joost Verhaagen and Chris de Zeeuw have jointly won the NWO Open Competition ENW-KLEIN and will receive 700,000 euros for research into why young brains have the ability to learn new skills and recover from brain injury much faster than adult brains.


This image shows the perineuronal net (the green coloring).

The study will focus on specific structures around the neurons, the perineuronal nets, that are important for learning and memory. Changes in these structures are therefore most likely also involved in the course of neurological and psychiatric disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.


KLEIN grants are intended to realize high-quality, fundamental research driven by curiosity and/or scientific urgency. The KLEIN grant offers researchers the opportunity to develop creative and challenging ideas and to realize scientific innovations that can form the basis for the research themes of the future.

Portret photo Joost Verhaagen

Verhaagen Group

This laboratory performs basic and translational research with the aim to advance the field of restorative neuroscience and neurology. We focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie degeneration, regeneration and plasticity of the central and peripheral nervous system. A significant portion of research is dedicated to the identification of novel genes and molecular pathways that affect the capacity of the nervous system to regenerate. Genomics, bioinformatics and high-throughput functional screening are key components of our research strategy and gene therapy based on advanced viral vector technology is applied to validate the therapeutic efficacy of molecular targets in clinically relevant animal models of neurodegeneration and repair. The ultimate goal of the Laboratory for Neuroregeneration is to develop novel therapeutic strategies to promote regeneration and plasticity of injured axons.

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Porttretfoto Chris de Zeeuw

De Zeeuw Group

The group of Chris De Zeeuw focuses on the role of the cerebellum in sensorimotor integration and cognition. We aim to understand how cerebellar processing contributes to motor learning of both relatively simple reflex tasks and complex preparatory tasks.


Chris de Zeeuw at Brainy Days in Jerusalem – ELSC

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