Inspiration grant for groundbreaking MS research

The Netherlands Brain Bank is one of four major MS research centers to receive an inspiration grant from the MoveS Foundation for so-called free research. This allows the Brain Bank to determine for itself what the subsidy of 250,000 euros will be spent on.

With this grant, MoveS wants to stimulate free research and is confident that the intrinsic motivation of researchers will contribute to an MS-free world. Inge Huitinga, director of the Brain Bank, is happy with this beautiful gift from MoveS and the volunteers. “It’s fantastic that MoveS is enabling free research into MS disease. We are going to devise a project with our PhD students and postdocs!”

Foto van 7 medewerkers van de Hersenbank. De middelste persoon houdt een cheque in de handen van 250.000 euro


Climbing against MS (Klimmen tegen MS) is the largest Dutch event raising money for the fight against MS. Every year, hundreds of people push their limits by climbing Mont Ventoux in France on foot or by bike. Together, the thousands of participants in Climbing Against MS have raised more than 4 million euros over the past nine years.

With this grant, MoveS wants to inspire the research centers to continue the research, not to give up the struggle, but to even intensify it. Similar to the way in which the participants and supporters of Climbing against MS inspire each other.

The inspiration grants have been awarded to the four major (academic) research centers that are world leaders in MS research: ErasMS MS Centrum, MS Centrum Noord-Nederland, MS Centrum Amsterdam and The Netherlands Brain Bank for MS in Amsterdam.