KNAW awards research fund to collaborate with NIOO-KNAW on microscope project

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has awarded the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience a € 500.000 research grant to foster collaboration with partner institute NIOO-KNAW as part of the project: “Next-generation miniaturized microscopes for high-throughput screening and decoding neural correlates of naturalistic behaviour”.  The project will build upon existing open-source initiatives such as the UCLA miniscope to bring versatile, portable microscopes with reduced footprint and extended functionality to the scientific community.

“We are very excited to push the limits of technology as part of this project and to distribute and share it with the other KNAW institutes and the scientific community at large”, says project coordinator Tycho Hoogland, assistant professor at Erasmus MC and visiting scientist in the group of Chris de Zeeuw.

The NIOO-KNAW has in depth knowledge with regards to the evolutionary, ecological and epigenetic factors affecting animal behaviour. Consequently, the collaboration will facilitate a better understanding of how such factors affect brain circuits underlying behaviour in health and disease. In addition, the microscopes will find many other applications, for example the monitoring of tumour growth paving the way for affordable, high-throughput diagnostic screening.