Anne Urai


On Wednesday 18 December from 16.00-17.00, there will be an invited talk by Dr. Anne Urai from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the large meeting room. People that are interested in meeting with the speaker can contact Chris Klink in advance.

The International Brain Laboratory: a standardized and reproducible behavioral pipeline for probing decision-making in mice
A factor limiting progress in systems neuroscience is the lack of reproducibility of mouse behavior. Here we show that this problem can be solved by standardizing experimental hardware, software, and procedures, combined with automated training. We present a behavioral task to probe visual decisions in mice, and provide instructions and open-source tools for its adoption by others. We trained 94 mice in this task across 7 experimental laboratories in 3 countries. Trained mice exhibited indistinguishable psychophysical behavior across labs, with no significant differences in trial duration, visual threshold, bias, or lapse rates. This large dataset also allowed us to investigate individual animals’ task strategies, both in a classical decision-making task as well as a variant where animals tracked dynamic stimulus priors. These results establish a new level of reproducibility of rodent behavior and provide accessible open-source tools for the study of decision making in mice, and set the stage for large-scale electrophysiology recordings across the mouse brain.