15 December 2017

Birte Forstmann

Neuroscience Symposium
Forstmann group

The Neuroscience Symposia are organized weekly by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. The presentations are given by researchers from the institute or by guest speakers. The title and content of the symposium is usually made known in the week prior to the presentation.

Colloquium room – Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

4:00 pmBeneath the surface – Max C Keuken and Anneke Alkemade

The human subcortex is a densely populated part of the brain, of which the majority of the individual structures is not depicted in standard MRI atlases. In vivo MRI of the subcortex is challenging owing to its anatomical complexity and its deep location in the brain. We will discuss the use of ultra-high field (UHF) MRI to visualize the subcortex, including our own efforts to create a longitudinal UHF database. Finally, we will present our post mortem studies that are aimed to validate and be integrated with our in vivo atlasing project.

4:45 pm – Discussion and drinks