Christian Hansel
17 August 2018

Christian Hansel

Special lecture

On Friday the 17th of August, Christian Hansel (University of Chicago) will give a special lecture at the Institute.

Cellular mechanisms of learning: single or multiple plasticity sites?

When: Friday 17th August, 4 PM
Where: Colloquium room

In a recent Perspective paper in Neuron (Titley et al., Neuron 95, 2017; also Piochon et al., Nat. Neurosci. 19, 2016), we have introduced an updated theory of cellular plasticity, in which we argue that synaptic plasticity (i.e. LTP and LTD) is primarily involved in shaping synaptic connectivity maps (slow process), with little impact on the integration of neurons into ensembles and memory engrams (fast process). Instead, it is activity-dependent plasticity of membrane excitability (‘intrinsic plasticity’) that regulates the spike firing output of neurons and their participation in neuronal population dynamics. In this seminar, I will present our work on learning by cerebellar circuits, and will show that indeed both synaptic and intrinsic forms of plasticity are needed for proper motor learning.