21 September 2018

David Norris

Neuroscience Symposium

The Neuroscience Symposia are organized weekly by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. The presentations are given by researchers from the institute or by guest speakers. The title and content of the symposium is usually made known in the week prior to the presentation.

Colloquium room – Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Guest speaker Spinoza Centre.

4:00 pmLaminar fMRI in humans

Laminar fMRI in humans has the potential to distinguish feedforward and feedback relationships between regions, and has hence attracted increased attention in recent years. This technique remains highly challenging for a number of reasons: high spatial resolution and volume coverage are required along with a ‘reasonable’ temporal resolution (<3s); voxels have to be accurately assigned to a laminar depth; and the hemodynamics of the cortex may lead to blurring.
In this talk, I shall introduce the biophysics of this problem, and describe the currently available acquisition techniques. I shall explain the considerations that have led us to consider gradient-echo 3D EPI as the method of choice for exploring inter-regional interactions and give a practical description of the considerations and requirements for acquiring and analysing these data. I shall attempt a meta-level interpretation of laminar experiments performed at the Donders (and elsewhere) and show how under favourable conditions it is possible to obtain meaningful inter-regional information by suitable experimental design and the adaptation of established analysis techniques.

4:45 pm – Discussion and drinks