European Visual Cortex Meeting


The 7th biennial European Visual Cortex Meeting will take place from September 2-4th 2019 at the “Museum Volkenkunde” in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Like in previous years, the aim of the meeting is to have an open discussion about key questions in visual plasticity and processing.
More information on the meeting and how to register can be found on the website:

For ONWAR Ph.D. students, registration for this meeting is free.

List of Speakers:
Vincent Bonin
Laura Busse
Claudia Clopath
Yves Fregnac
Pieter Goltstein
Alexander Heimel
Sonja Hofer
Mark Hübener
Christiaan de Kock
Christiaan Levelt
Christian Lohmann
Siegrid Löwel
Emilie Macé
Tom Mrsic-Flogel
Cyriel Pennartz
Leopoldo Petreanu
Tommaso Pizzorusso
Nathalie Rochefort
Pieter Roelfsema
Tobias Rose
Frank Sengpiel