12 April 2019

Maarten Kole

Neuroscience Symposium
Kole Group

The Neuroscience Symposia are organized weekly by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. The presentations are given by researchers from the institute or by guest speakers. The title and content of the symposium is usually made known in the week prior to the presentation.

Colloquium room – Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Guest speaker: Maarten Witte, Amsterdam UMC

4:00 pm – Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis
4:45 pm – Discussion and drinks

Although the pathological hallmarks of multiple sclerosis (MS) are classically considered to be demyelination and inflammation, it is actually accumulating neurodegeneration that contributes most to increasing clinical disability in MS patients. Mechanisms contributing to neurodegeneration in MS are quite varied and depend on location and stage of disease. Here, I will discuss our work disentangling the molecular mechanisms of axonal degeneration in acute neuroinflammatory lesions in white matter, as mostly seen in relapsing-remitting MS. Secondly, I will touch upon our ongoing study of neuronal and synaptic degeneration in the cortex of progressive MS patients.

Calcium Influx through Plasma-Membrane Nanoruptures Drives Axon Degeneration in a Model of Multiple Sclerosis. Witte ME et al. Neuron. 2019 Feb 20;101(4):615-624.e5.