3 May 2019

PhD students: Peyman Golshani

Neuroscience Symposium

The Neuroscience Symposia are organized weekly by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. The presentations are given by researchers from the institute or by guest speakers. The title and content of the symposium is usually made known in the week prior to the presentation.

Colloquium room – Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

4.00 pm – Dr. Peyman Golshani | New tools for discovering neural dynamics underlying neurological disease
4.45 pm – Discussion and drinks

We have developed open-source tools to track activity patterns in large numbers of neurons in freely behaving animals using miniaturized microscopy. Our open source miniaturized microscopes have been released to the neuroscience community and over 500 laboratories have built and are using the scopes. As a part of the BRAIN initiative we have developed several new versions of the microscope. Our version 4 miniaturized microscope weighs nearly half as much and almost doubles of the field of view of the current microscope. We have designed new versions of this scope with a 3×3 mm field of view for non-human primates. We have also developed a wire-free version that logs the data onto a micro SD-card on the head of the animal. Lastly we have developed a version of the microscope that amplifies and digitizes 32 channel electrophysiological recordings at the same time as miniaturized microscopy data through a single co-axial wire. We have used our miniaturized microscope in a model of temporal lobe epilepsy and have found dramatically reduced stability and precision of place cells in these animals, suggesting a substrate for the degraded cognitive abilities of the animals and humans with temporal lobe epilepsy.