22 June 2018

Yang Dan

Neuroscience Symposium
Lohmann Group

The Neuroscience Symposia are organized weekly by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. The presentations are given by researchers from the institute or by guest speakers. The title and content of the symposium is usually made known in the week prior to the presentation.

Guest speaker Christian Lohmann

Colloquium room – Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

4:00 pm – Neural circuits controlling sleep
4:45 pm – Discussion and drinks

Sleep is a fundamental biological process observed widely in the animal kingdom, and its disruption has profound impacts on human health. However, the neural circuits generating sleep remain poorly understood. Using techniques developed over the past decade, including optogenetics, cell-type-specific imaging, virus-mediated circuit tracing, and gene expression profiling, we identify key neurons in the sleep control circuits, map their synaptic connections, and identify potential intervention targets for improving sleep.