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Poster prize for Nina Fransen

Nina Fransen was awarded a poster prize at the International Congress of Neuropathology in Tokyo. The poster is titled “MS lesion characteristics in Netherlands Brain Bank autopsy cohort: clinical and genetic correlates“.

Poster prize nina fransen

Nina Fransen studied the clinical and genetic correlates of MS lesion characteristics in the Netherlands Brain Bank MS autopsy cohort. She dissected 3188 tissue blocks containing 7562 MS lesions from 182 MS brain donors. Immunohistochemistry was used to visualize lesion demyelinating and inflammatory activity.

The results indicate that MS lesion activity is substantial in progressive MS and correlates with clinical disease severity. Moreover, disease severity-linked genotypes correlate with higher proportions of active lesions. With these findings we begin to translate genotypic information into pathogenic mechanisms, which may facilitate the development of personalized therapeutic approaches in MS. The study is published in Acta Neuropathalogica.



Huitinga Group

The Neuroimmunology group aims to investigate the molecular and cellular factors underlying multiple sclerosis (MS). Special emphasis is put on the role of microglia in the initiation and expansion of MS lesions. The group investigates effects of neurosteroids (sex steroids, glucocorticoids and Vitamin D), complement, CD200 and scavenger receptors on microglia activation and MS lesion development using post mortem MS brain tissue and CSF from more than 200 MS brain donors of the Netherlands Brain Bank and in vivo and in vitro models of demyelination.

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