Verhaagen Group

Frank P T Hamers, L C Plantinga, J Verhaagen, J P Neijt, Willem Hendrik Gispen Upregulation of B50/GAP-43 protein mRNA in rat dorsal root ganglia during cisplatin intoxication Journal of Neuroscience Research 44 (1996) 142-8 Download

Verhaagen Group

H.J. Duckers, R P van Dokkum, J Verhaagen, F H Lopes da Silva, Willem Hendrik Gispen Functional and neurophysiological evidence of the efficacy of trophic pharmacotherapy using an adrenocorticotrophic hormone4-9 analog in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis, an animal model of multiple sclerosis Neuroscience 71 (1996) 507-21

Verhaagen Group, Swaab Group

A. Salehi, J. Verhaagen, P.A. Dijkhuizen, D.F. Swaab Colocalization of high affinity neurotrophin receptors in nucleus basalis of Meynert neurons and their differential reduction in Alzheimer's disease Neuroscience 75 (1996) 373-378 Download

Verhaagen Group

Anthony J D G Holtmaat, Paul A Dijkhuizen, A B Oestreicher, H.J. Romijn, N M Van der Lugt, A Berns, F L Margolis, Willem Hendrik Gispen, J Verhaagen Directed expression of the growth-associated protein B-50/GAP-43 to olfactory neurons in transgenic mice results in changes in axon morphology and extraglomerular fiber growth The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 15 (1995) 7953-65

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