Kalsbeek Group

Lamis Saad, Maxime Sartori, Sarah Pol Bodetto, Pascal Romieu, Andries Kalsbeek, Jean Zwiller, Patrick Anglard Regulation of Brain DNA Methylation Factors and of the Orexinergic System by Cocaine and Food Self-Administration Molecular Neurobiology (2019)

Kole Group

A. Battefeld, M. Popovic, Dirk Van der Werf, M.H.P. Kole A Versatile and Open-Source Rapid LED Switching System for One-Photon Imaging and Photo-Activation. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience (2019) Download

Jan Wijnholds "Basal Cell Migration" in Regeneration of the Corneal Wound-Bed Stem Cell Reports (2019) Download

Willuhn Group

G Bazzu, P A Serra, R Hamelink, M G P Feenstra, I Willuhn, D Denys Monitoring Deep Brain Stimulation by measuring regional brain oxygen responses in freely moving mice Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2019)

Van Someren Group

Vanessa D Hohn, Danielle M J de Veld, Kawita J S Mataw, Eus J W van Someren, Sander Begeer Insomnia Severity in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder is Associated with sensory Hyper-Reactivity and Social Skill Impairment Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (2019)

Van Someren Group

Kira Vibe Jespersen, Marit Otto, Morten Kringelbach, Eus Van Someren, Peter Vuust A randomized controlled trial of bedtime music for insomnia disorder Journal of Sleep Research (2019)

Willuhn Group

Bastijn J G van den Boom, Adriana H Mooij, Ieva Misevičiūtė, Damiaan Denys, Ingo Willuhn Behavioral flexibility in a mouse model for OCD Genes, Brain and Behavior (2019)

Bettina Ibold, Isabel Faust, Janina Tiemann, Theo G M F Gorgels, Arthur A B Bergen, Cornelius Knabbe, Doris Hendig Abcc6 deficiency in mice leads to altered ABC transporter gene expression in metabolic active tissues Lipids in Health and Disease (2019) Download

Willuhn Group

D S Scheepens, J A van Waarde, A Lok, J B Zantvoord, B J H B de Pont, H G Ruhé, D A J P Denys, G A van Wingen Elektroconvulsietherapie bij persisterende depressie in Nederland; zeer lage toepassingsgraad Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie (2019) Download

Bram de Jong, Ivanka J van der Meulen, Ruth Lapid-Gortzak, Thomas J van den Berg Straylight in posterior polar cataract Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (2019)

De Zeeuw Group

Catherine A French, María Fernanda Vinueza Veloz, Kuikui Zhou, Saša Peter, Simon E Fisher, Rui M Costa, Chris I De Zeeuw Differential effects of Foxp2 disruption in distinct motor circuits Molecular Psychiatry (2019) Download

Mink S Schinkelshoek, Isabelle M Smolders, Claire E H M Donjacour, Wisse P van der Meijden, Erik W van Zwet, Rolf Fronczek, Gert Jan Lammers Decreased body mass index during treatment with sodium oxybate in narcolepsy type 1 Journal of Sleep Research (2019)

Keysers Group

Emiel Cracco, Christian Keysers, Amanda Clauwaert, Marcel Brass Representing Multiple Observed Actions in the Motor System Cerebral Cortex (2019)

Van Someren Group

Rick Wassing, Jeroen S Benjamins, Lucia M Talamini, Frans Schalkwijk, Eus J W Van Someren Overnight Worsening of Emotional Distress Indicates Maladaptive Sleep in Insomnia Sleep (2019)

Willuhn Group

L C Liebrand, M W A Caan, P R Schuurman, P van den Munckhof, M Figee, D Denys, G A van Wingen Individual white matter bundle trajectories are associated with deep brain stimulation response in obsessive-compulsive disorder Brain Stimulation (2019) Download

Willuhn Group

Ilse Graat, Isidoor O Bergfeld, Pelle de Koning, Nienke Vulink, P Richard Schuurman, Damiaan Denys, Martijn Figee Delusions following deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens Brain Stimulation (2019)

Verhaagen Group, Swaab Group

Yu-Ting Hu, Xin-Lu Chen, Shu-Han Huang, Qiong-Bin Zhu, Si-Yang Yu, Yi Shen, Arja Sluiter, Joost Verhaagen, Juan Zhao, Dick Swaab, Ai-Min Bao Early growth response-1 regulates acetylcholinesterase and its relation with the course of Alzheimer's disease Brain Pathology (2019)

Mor M Dickman, Suryan L Dunker, Pieter J Kruit, Lies Remeijer, Jeroen van Rooij, Allegonda van der Lelij, Robert H J Wijdh, Frank J H M van den Biggelaar, Tos T J M Berendschot, Thomas J T P van den Berg, Rudy M M A Nuijts Quality of vision after ultrathin descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty Acta Ophthalmologica (2019)

Van Someren Group

Eus J W Van Someren, J M Oosterman, B. van Harten, R L Vogels, A A Gouw, H C Weinstein, A Poggesi, Ph Scheltens, E.J.A. Scherder Medial temporal lobe atrophy relates more strongly to sleep-wake rhythm fragmentation than to age or any other known risk. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (2019) Download

Swaab Group

Pei Zhou, Judith R Homberg, Qiuyuan Fang, Jiaqi Wang, Weizhuo Li, Xianzong Meng, Junqing Shen, Yi Luan, Peng Liao, Dick F Swaab, Ling Shan, Chunqing Liu Histamine-4 receptor antagonist JNJ7777120 inhibits pro-inflammatory microglia and prevents the progression of Parkinson-like pathology and behaviour in a rat model Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (2019)

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