De Zeeuw Group

It is one of the major challenges in the field of neuroscience to unravel the molecular and physiological mechanisms underlying memory formation.

The group of Chris De Zeeuw focuses on the role of the cerebellum in sensorimotor integration and cognition. We aim to understand how cerebellar processing contributes to motor learning of both relatively simple reflex tasks and complex preparatory tasks.



De Zeeuw Group

Dick Jaarsma , Francois G C Blot , Bin Wu , Subramanian Venkatesan , Jan Voogd , Dies Meijer , Tom J H Ruigrok , Zhenyu Gao , Martijn Schonewille , Chris I De Zeeuw The basal interstitial nucleus (BIN) of the cerebellum provides diffuse ascending inhibitory input to the floccular granule cell layer The Journal of comparative neurology (2018)

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