2021 May: Publication about the neurobiological mechanism behind curiosity-driven investigation

2021 January: Daniela Camillo defends her PhD thesis about calretinin neurons in the visual cortex.

2020 December. Rasa Gulbinaite starts her MCSA-fellowship about resonances in the brain.

2020 October. Presentation at Neuromatch 3.0 virtual meeting about habituation of defensive behaviour. Link to youtube video

2019 November. Co-organiser of the first Donders-NIN meeting to stimulate collaboration between these two institutes.

2019 June. Mehran Ahmadlou receives the Thesis award from the Dutch Neurofederation at the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting.

2019 October. Jorrit Montijn starts as a postdoc.

2018 June. Alexander Heimel participates in the University of the Underground forum.

Alexander Heimel in the club De Marktkantine

2018 March. Mehran Ahmadlou defends PhD thesis cum laude.

Mehran Ahmadlou tijdens zijn verdediging

2015. Mehran Ahmadlou receives the NIN PhD Brain award for scientific excellence for publication in Nature Communications

2014 July. Alexander Heimel and Christiaan Levelt organise the NIN International Interneuron Summerschool.

2013 September. Alexander Heimel, Rupert Overall and Rob Williams organisere the first neuroinformatics jamboree, a short course about neuroinformatics, neurogenomics and brain disorders.  The results were published in a special issue of Frontiers of Neuroscience.

Participants Neuroinformatics Jamboree