Huitinga Group

The Neuroimmunology group aims to investigate the molecular and cellular factors underlying multiple sclerosis (MS). Special emphasis is put on the role of microglia in the initiation and expansion of MS lesions. The group investigates effects of neurosteroids (sex steroids, glucocorticoids and Vitamin D), complement, CD200 and scavenger receptors on microglia activation and MS lesion development using post mortem MS brain tissue and CSF from more than 200 MS brain donors of the Netherlands Brain Bank and in vivo and in vitro models of demyelination.


Huitinga Group

Nina L Fransen, Brigit A de Jong, Katharina Heß, Tanja Kuhlmann, Maria C J Vincenten, Jörg Hamann, Inge Huitinga, Joost Smolders Absence of B Cells in Brainstem and White Matter Lesions Associates With Less Severe Disease and Absence of Oligoclonal Bands in MS Neurology(R) neuroimmunology & neuroinflammation 8 (2021) Download

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