Our work is funded by:

FP7 Cobra
Esmay Frankin is supported by the FP7 COBRA project.

zonmw logo
Eveline Bruinstroop, Rianne van der Spek and Leslie Eggels were supported by a TOP Research Grant.

stw logo
Anneloes Opperhuizen is supported by the `Feeding on Time` Perspective grant within the OnTime consortium.

ti pharma logo
Elodie Girault was supported by the `Drug-Induced Weight Alterations` grant (project T2-105).

Ji Liu and Zhi Zhang are supported by the China Exchange Programme (CAS).

neurotime logo
Phawan Kumar Jha is supported by the `Effects of sleep deprivation on circadian and metabolic rhythmicity in a diurnal rodent` project within the NeuroTime consortium.
Satish Sen is supported by the Neurotime project

amc logo
Emmely de Vries, Daniela Herrera Moro and Hannah Eggink are supported by an AMC bonus grant.
Jacqueline Siljee and Joelle Oosterman are supported by an AMC PhD scholarship.