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My name is Maarten Kamermans. I’m a neuroscientist and head the Retina Signal Processing lab at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. Together with my team we study how vision works.

Vision starts in the retina where images are transformed and coded into neuronal activity relevant for the brain. These coding steps function optimally over a wide range of conditions: from bright day on the beach to a moonless night. Under these very different conditions, specific retinal mechanisms continue to select relevant aspects of the visual world and send this information to the brain.

We are studying the neuronal processing involved in these selection and adaptation processes. This knowledge is essential for understanding how the visual system works and forms the basis for research dedicated to restoring vision in blind people.


Kamermans Group

Sizar Kamar, Marcus H C Howlett, Maarten Kamermans Silent-substitution stimuli silence the light responses of cones but not their output Journal of Vision 19 (2019) 14 Download

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