Students of the Social Brain Lab

Alexandra Gabur

The project I am working on, under the supervision of Rune Bruls, is regarding prosocial behaviour as a result of emotional contagion in rats. We are now developing a paradigm and testing to see whether a rat witnessing a cagemate in distress would go beyond emotional state sharing and exhibit a prosocial behaviour if given the opportunity to.



Andrea Veggerby Lind

Under the supervision of Riccardo Paracampo, I attempt to explain prosocial behaviour through bayesian models. We wish to expand on what is currently known about the factors which influence helping behaviour. Specifically we are interested in how and when healthy people may favour sparing someone else from pain over gaining money themselves in a learning task.



Chiara Hinna Danesi

The project I am working on, under the supervision of Karina Borja, aims to examine the possible role of empathic communication in the modulation of the empathy. Our objective is to elucidate the relationship between facial expressions and feelings associated to the empathic experience. Moreover, we will examine the possible impact of the modulation of these empathic expressions and feelings on brain activity.


Christiaan Becker
My work centers around validating a new form of inter-subject correlation analysis for fMRI data. We will be assessing the statistical properties of this technique using resting state data. If successful this new technique holds great promise for future of ISC analysis and the field of neuroimaging in general. My interests are computational neuroscience, neuroimaging, and moral decision making.



Lillian Emming

Under the supervision of Camilo Andres Rojas Cifuentes, I will be studying the underlying neural mechanisms of low-intensity transcranial focused ultrasound in the mouse brain. Our findings could have promising clinical and therapeutic outcomes, such as non-invasive stimulation of deep-brain structures involved in neurological or psychiatric diseases. Furthermore, this region-specific neuromodulation tool could help us to non-invasively locate the exact neuronal sources of empathy in humans.


Matteo Capone

I received my Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Politecnico in Milano where I wrote my thesis on emotion recognition and physiological response to audio/visual stimuli. I am here to help in a project about action prevision (data analysis and model building), from January to April, following my passion towards human relations and feelings, deeply inspired by the human mind and its power.



Steven Voges

Under the supervision of Rajeev Rajendran I will be working on establishing a causal link between mirror neurons and empathic fear responses in rodents. My key interests in research are using advanced molecular techniques to selectively modulate neurons in vivo in order to better understand behaviours and their neuronal substrates.



Susan van den Boogaard

I am working under the supervision of Julen Hernandez-Lallement, investigating neuronal networks underlying pro-social behaviour in rats. This will be investigated by switching off particular areas of the brain, while the rat engages in a pro-social behavioural paradigm.





Former Students: Anna Henschel, Andrea Romaguera Álvarez, Elif Ezgi Aksulu, Ernesto Berenjeno, Maite van der Miesen, Maryam Yasamin Shirazi, Ming Liu, Nikki Brands, Sammy Heutz, Vaishnavi Balaji