Kole Group

The aim of our research is to unravel the functional properties of axonal signal conduction, and in particular to understand the dysfunction during demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Axonal Signaling

Axons provide the wiring to connect neurons, and generate and conduct electrical impulses, which are the fundamental operations for fast electrical signaling and information storage in the nervous system. In order to enhance the speed of electrical transmission, axons are tightly wrapped by multiple layers of fatty layers, called myelin, derived from glia cell types. Although myelinated axons play pivotal roles in brain function, only little is understood about the precise electrical properties, their development or electrical architecture. Using advanced electrophysiological methods, high-resolution imaging and computational methods, our group studies signal conduction in the neocortical primary axon.


Kole Group

Niklas Byczkowicz, Abdelmoneim Eshra, Jacqueline Montanaro, Andrea Trevisiol, Johannes Hirrlinger, Maarten Hp Kole, Ryuichi Shigemoto, Stefan Hallermann HCN channel-mediated neuromodulation can control action potential velocity and fidelity in central axons eLife 8 (2019) Download

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