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Vidi grant for Aleksandra Badura

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Vidi grant to Aleksandra Badura for her research on the autistic brain. She will receive a maximum of 800,000 euros to develop an innovative research theme and form her own research group. The Vidi grant will enable Badura to conduct research for a period of five years. This research will be conducted at ErasmusMC. A total of 571 researchers submitted a research proposal during this grant allocation round, 86 of which were successful.

How does the autistic brain work?

Although several genetic defects increase the risk for autism and researchers have developed several autism mouse models, the source of autistic behavior is unknown. “Now neuroscientists will use video-monitoring systems, mini-microscopes, Virtual-Reality and computer models to look at similarities in the behavior and brain activity of several autism mouse models”, Badura says.

Porttretfoto Chris de Zeeuw

De Zeeuw Group

The group of Chris De Zeeuw focuses on the role of the cerebellum in sensorimotor integration and cognition. We aim to understand how cerebellar processing contributes to motor learning of both relatively simple reflex tasks and complex preparatory tasks.


Chris de Zeeuw at Brainy Days in Jerusalem – ELSC

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