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Een laesie is schade aan weefsel als gevolg van een aandoening, verwonding of ingreep. Ook tumoren kunnen laesies veroorzaken. Laesie is Latijn voor letsel.

A lesion is damage to tissue as a result of a condition, injury, or procedure. Tumors can also cause lesions. Lesion is Latin for injury.

In the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS), lesions are the inflammations that arise in the brain. However, these inflammations can look different. For example, it is possible that an inflammation is active. This means that certain immune cells are present in the inflammation and break down the protective layer that surrounds nerves. It is also possible that inflammation is inactive. In that case, the protective layer has already broken down, but there are no immune cells (anymore) present.

On purpose

Researchers may also deliberately create a lesion in tissues in order to make comparisons between healthy and damaged tissue. Neurosurgeons can create a lesion in brain tissue of epilepsy patients who have constant seizures, removing a crucial part of the brain.

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