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Brain awards

Since 2015, the institute has been awarding the Brain Awards annually. The award is for PhD students or postdocs who excel in their research. The idea behind our NIN Brain Awards, is to put the limelight on our scientists, and to reward their hard work. Prizes can be won in three categories: ‘collaborative excellence’, ‘scientific excellence’ and ‘methodological excellence’. All winners receive a statue and a cash prize. The statue was designed by Ella de Nijs.


2021 (postdocs)
Scientific excellence: Xing Chen
Collaborative excellence: Joris Vangeneugden

2020 (PhDs)
Scientific excellence: Charles Cohen
Collaborative excellence: Abdel Abdelgabar, Judith Suttrup, Ritu Bhandari and Robin Broersen

2019 (postdocs)
Scientific excellence: Maria Carrillo en Yingying Han
Collaborative excellence: Beerend Winkelman, Marcus Howlett en Maj-Britt Hölzel

2018 (PhDs)
Collaborative excellence: Nicolas Gutierrez-Castellanos
Scientific excellence: Timo van Kerkoerle

2017 (postdocs)
Scientific excellence: Arne Batteveld
Collaborative excellence: Laura Smit-Rigter en Rajeev Rajendran

2016 (PhDs)
Scientific excellence: Danique Jeurissen
Collaborative excellence: Robin Broersen

2016 (postdocs)
Scientific excellence: Jeannette Lorteije and Ariel Zylberberg
Methodological excellence: Julliette Cheyne

2015 (PhDs)
Scientific excellence: Mehran Ahmadlou

2015 (postdocs)
Scientific excellence: Leonardo Cerliani
Collaborative excellence: Matthew Self

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