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Marked IDO2 expression and activity related to autophagy and apoptosis in brain tissue of fatal tuberculous meningitis

Publication year 2024
Published in Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Authors Lihui Guo, Stefan-Dan Zaharie, A Marceline van Furth, Nicole N van der Wel, Anita E Grootemaat, Lin Zhang, Marianna Bugiani, Mariana Kruger, Martijn van der Kuip, René Lutter

Identification of clinical disease trajectories in neurodegenerative disorders with natural language processing

Research group Huitinga Group
Publication year 2024
Published in Nature Medicine
Authors Nienke J Mekkes, Minke Groot, Eric Hoekstra, Alyse de Boer, Ekaterina Dagkesamanskaia, Sander Bouwman, Sophie M T Wehrens, Megan K Herbert, Dennis D Wever, Annemieke Rozemuller, Bart J L Eggen, Inge Huitinga, Inge R Holtman

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