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Walk the plank! Using mobile electroencephalography to investigate emotional lateralization of immersive fear in virtual reality

Publication year 2023
Published in Royal Society Open Science
Authors Yasmin El Basbasse, Julian Packheiser, Jutta Peterburs, Christopher Maymon, Onur Güntürkün, Gina Grimshaw, Sebastian Ocklenburg

Disease stage-dependent changes in brain levels and neuroprotective effects of neuroactive steroids in Parkinson’s disease

Research group Huitinga Group
Publication year 2023
Published in Neurobiology of Disease
Authors Sabina Luchetti, Philippe Liere, Antoine Pianos, Ronald W H Verwer, Arja Sluiter, Inge Huitinga, Michael Schumacher, Dick F Swaab, Matthew R J Mason

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