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Frederic Michon


About Frederic

Currently, my research is at the crossroads between Social and Memory neuroscience. I am interested in unraveling the neural substrates supporting how observing others’ experiences becomes learning. To do so, I aim to use a comparative approach: 1)  in vivo multi-site extracellular recordings and closed-loop brain manipulations to characterize and causally probe the neural networks and neuronal assemblies that support such processes in rodents 2) electrophysiology and imaging in human participants engaged in similar tasks as the rodent thanks to virtual reality.

I am also interested in studying the brain underpinnings of positive and negative emotional contagion -the transfer of emotions between individuals- as well as prosocial behaviors, in particular consolation.



NWO individual research grant (VENI) 2023 – Project Leader

Title: Learning danger from observing others’ misfortunes in my hippocampus.


Relevant Publications

  • Post-learning Hippocampal Replay Selectively Reinforces Spatial Memory for Highly Rewarded Locations. Michon F*, Sun JJ*, Kim CY*, Ciliberti D, Kloosterman F. Curr Biol. 2019. *equal contribution
  • Implantation of Neuropixels probes for chronic recording of neuronal activity in freely behaving mice and rats. van Daal RJJ*, Aydin Ç*, Michon F*, Aarts AAA, Kraft M, Kloosterman F, Haesler S. Nat Protoc. 2021 *equal contribution
  • A systematic review and multivariate meta-analysis of the physical and mental health benefits of touch interventions. Packheiser J, Hartmann H, Fredriksen K, Gazzola V, Keysers C, Michon F. Nat Hum Behav. 2024.


Fun fact

Over half the steps I produce in the lab are to get to the coffee machine.

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