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Although dreams have fascinated humankind since the earliest ages, their rigorous, scientific study is a rather new development, and has taken on considerable momentum in recent years. Far from being a scientific curiosity, dreaming is currently being researched as a model to study consciousness, as a reflection of fundamental functions of sleep and as a way to gain better insight into sleep disorders and mental illness. By organizing a summer school on the neuroscience of dreaming, we will educate and update researchers on the progress in this field and raise awareness for the techniques used to study dreams. By bringing together renowned international experts in the fields of consciousness, psychology, neuroscience, and sleep medicine, we will create a unique opportunity for networking and in-depth exchanges in this fast-growing field. We aim to accommodate a diverse and engaged audience of 50-100 attendees, including researchers, students, and clinicians.


Apply now!


Deadline for application is April 7, 2024

We will inform you as to whether you obtained a place in this Summer School not later than April 19, 2024. 


Open to

Advanced students and neuroscientists, biologists, psychologists, clinicians. Bachelor-level knowledge in neuroscience, psychology or related fields is expected from all participants.

Participation costs
  • 300 EUR (including lunch, excluding housing)
  • Virtual attendance 50 Euro for selected lectures only
Confirmed speakers

Nico Adelhöfer, Thomas Andrillon, Kris Appel, Giulio Bernardi, Leonore Bovy, Cathrin Canto, Ema Demšar, Martin Dresler, Valentina Elce, Daniel Erlacher, Guglielmo Foffani, Mahdad Jafarzadeh Esfahani,  Henry Hebron, Stephen LaBerge, Célia Lacaux, Gert Jan Lammers, Eudave Louis, Katharina Lüth, Jean-Baptiste Maranci, Ken Paller, Achilleas Pavlou, Mariana Pereira, Emma Peters, Yevgenia Rosenblum, Perrine Ruby, Sarah Schoch, Walter Senn, Peter Simor, Francesca Siclari, Lucia Talamini, Eus van Someren, Annette van Schagen, Katja Valli, Tadas Stumbrys,  Sarah Wang, Paul Zerr

Program content

Phenomenology and epidemiology of dreaming, sleep physiology basics, methodological hands-on workshops, neural correlates and functions of dreaming, dreaming in neuropsychiatric disorders, lucid dreaming, hackathon and social events.

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Members of organizing committee
  • Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience: Cathrin Canto, Henry Hebron, Francesca Siclari, Eus van Someren
  • Donders Institute: Martin Dresler, Sarah Schoch, Sofia Tzioridou

The Red Room (main lecture hall)

Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging,

Kapittelweg 29, 6525 EN Nijmegen, Netherlands

Contact information

For more information please send an e-mail to:

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Students (including PhD) will get a discount for IASD attendance

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