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Chris Klink recipient of first NIN Open Data Award

26 September 2022

The NIN board, the data manager and data committee want to stimulate all researchers at the NIN to organize, store and share their experimental data in the best possible way, so that our results are reproducible and reusable. As the rewards for good data management are always far in the future, they brought the reward somewhat forward by establishing NIN Data award.

Nominations were received, and the independent jury, consisting of Birte Forstmann, who has been a strong advocate of open science and data sharing, selected Chris Klink as the first recipient of the NIN Open Data Award.  The jury report lauded the publishing of a specific dataset and analys code for which the nomination was received as well as the overall strong track of Chris Klink in sharing data and code in an open and accessible ways following the FAIR principles.

Chris Klink received the award on a the symposium of September 9th dedicated to open data in neuroscience. The award consisted of a cast of a Mesopotamian clay tablet, containing self-descriptive data that has stood the test of time and a cheque of 250 euros.

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