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A framework and resource for global collaboration in non-human primate neuroscience

Publication year 2023
Published in Current research in neurobiology
Authors Renée Hartig, P.C. Klink, Zlata Polyakova, Mohammad-Reza A Dehaqani, Igor Bondar, Hugo Merchant, Wim Vanduffel, Anna Wang Roe, Atsushi Nambu, M Thirumala, Amir Shmuel, Vishal Kapoor, Katalin M Gothard, Henry C Evrard, Michele A Basso, Christopher I Petkov, Anna S Mitchell

As science and technology evolve, there is an increasing need for promotion of international scientific exchange. Collaborations, while offering substantial opportunities for scientists and benefit to society, also present challenges for those working with animal models, such as non-human primates (NHPs). Diversity in regulation of animal research is sometimes mistaken for the absence of common international welfare standards. Here, the ethical and regulatory protocols for 13 countries that have guidelines in place for biomedical research involving NHPs were assessed with a focus on neuroscience. Review of the variability and similarity in trans-national NHP welfare regulations extended to countries in Asia, Europe and North America. A tabulated resource was established to advance solution-oriented discussions and scientific collaborations across borders. Our aim is to better inform the public and other stakeholders. Through cooperative efforts to identify and analyze information with reference to evidence-based discussion, the proposed key ingredients may help to shape and support a more informed, open framework. This framework and resource can be expanded further for biomedical research in other countries.

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