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Assessment of α-synuclein pathology: a study of BrainNet Europe Consortium.

Publication year 2008
Published in Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology
Authors I. Alazuloff, L. Parkkinen, S. Al-Sarraj, T. Arzberger, J. Bell, I. Bodi, N. Bogdanovic, H. Budka, I. Ferrer, E. Gelpi, S. Gentleman, G. Giaccone, W. Kamphorst, A. King, P. Korkolopoulou, G.G. Kovacs, S. Larionov, D. Meyronet, C. Monoranu, J. Morris, P. Parchi, E. Patsouris, W. Roggendorf, D. Seilhaen, N. Streichenberger, D.R. Thal, H. Kretzschmar

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