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Four-dimensional computational ultrasound imaging of brain hemodynamics

Research group De Zeeuw
Publication year 2024
Published in Science advances
Authors Michael D Brown, Bastian S Generowicz, Stephanie Dijkhuizen, Sebastiaan K E Koekkoek, Christos Strydis, Johannes G Bosch, Petros Arvanitis, Geert Springeling, Geert J T Leus, Chris I De Zeeuw, Pieter Kruizinga

Four-dimensional ultrasound imaging of complex biological systems such as the brain is technically challenging because of the spatiotemporal sampling requirements. We present computational ultrasound imaging (cUSi), an imaging method that uses complex ultrasound fields that can be generated with simple hardware and a physical wave prediction model to alleviate the sampling constraints. cUSi allows for high-resolution four-dimensional imaging of brain hemodynamics in awake and anesthetized mice.

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