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Light scattering from a diffractive-refractive intraocular lens

Publication year 2022
Published in Biomedical Optics Express
Authors Grzegorz Łabuz, T.J.T.P. van den Berg, Gerd U Auffarth, Ramin Khoramnia

We proposed and tested a method to measure light scattering from the diffractive lens profile in an echelle element featuring 9 zones. Measurements were performed using a goniometer-based setup up to 7.5°. The proportion of scattered light was calculated to derive the loss of light. Material scattering was minimal (∼1 deg2/sr); however, each echelle zone acted as a scattering source. A nearly gradual straylight increase was found with the zone number showing peak intensity between 3° and 3.75°. An estimated 6.2% ± 0.1% was lost due to scattering, which ought to be considered when reporting an IOL’s light loss.

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