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The comparisons on total RNA from different source-original neurons applied in LMPC

Publication year 2006
Published in Neuroscience Bulletin
Authors J Lei, J.P. Dai, L.-Q. Ru, G-.F. Yin, G.G. van Eeden, R.M. Buijs

Objective To compare the quality and quantity of total RNA from different source-original neurons applied in LMPC technique. Methods (1) Aglient 2100 bioanalyzer and RT-PCR were used to check the concentration and fragmentation of total RNA from unfixed, temporal fixed and fixed 12 h hypothalamus sections; (2)Different neurons of PVN and SON were collected by LMPC, CRH, TRH, AVP, OT mRNA level were measured by RT-PCR; (3)Labeled neurons by injecting CTB into stomach and non-labeled neurons in DMV collected by LMPC were checked for house keeping genes by RT-PCR. Results ( 1 ) Unfixed section had higher concentration and better quality of total RNA compared with fixed sections applied in LMPC; relative short amplicons such as GAPDH, NSE, MCH and MC4R were successfully obtained from fixed and unfixed and long amplicon of GR can only be obtained from unfixed material; (2) In magnocellular PVN and SON the expressions of AVP and OT were more special than those in the parvocellular PVN. Oppositely, the expressions of CRH, TRH in the parvocellular were more special than the other two; (3) The expressions of house keeping genes had no significant difference between labeled and non-labeled DMV neurons. Conclusion The quality and quantity of total RNA from unfixed brain tissues were better than fixed tissues applied in LMPC and the CTB tracer which may differentiate neurons had no significant effect on physiology of the neurons applied in LMPC. The results showed that the LMPC technique is suitable for the qualitative and quantitative study on individual neurons at mRNA level.

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