Ariëns Kappers medal awarded

Gene therapy promotes nerve regeneration

Insomnia has many faces

Winners Brain Award 2018 announced

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Our brain is our most complex and fascinating organ. Our brain is responsible for everything we do, think and experience. What mechanisms lie hidden within those one hundred billion nerve cells, linked by one hundred thousand kilometers of connections? The scientists of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience are working to answer these questions.


Verhaagen Group

R. Eggers, Fred De Winter, S.A. Hoyng, Rob C Hoeben, M.J. Malessy, M Tannemaat, J. Verhaagen Timed GDNF gene therapy using an immune-evasive gene switch promotes long distance axon regeneration. Brain 142 (2019) 295-311

Van Someren Group

T.F. Blanken, Jeroen S Benjamins, Denny Borsboom, Jeroen K. Vermunt, Casey Paquola, Jennifer R Ramautar, Kim Dekker, D. Stoffers, Rick Wassing, Yishul Wei, E.J.W. van Someren Insomnia disorder subtypes derived from life history and traits of affect and personality. The Lancet Psychiatry 6 (2019) 151-163 Download

Swaab Group

Paul J Lucassen, Nicolas Toni, Gerd Kempermann, Jonas Frisen, Fred H Gage, Dick F Swaab Limits to human neurogenesis-really? Molecular Psychiatry (2019)

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