How the brain teaches itself to see

Seed grant for research into mechanisms of deep brain stimulation for OCD

Balancing brain cell activity

Love hormone involved in brain development

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Our brain is our most complex and fascinating organ. Our brain is responsible for everything we do, think and experience. What mechanisms lie hidden within those one hundred billion nerve cells, linked by one hundred thousand kilometers of connections? The scientists of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience are working to answer these questions.


De Zeeuw Group

C.I. De Zeeuw #1 Bidirectional learning in upbound and downbound microzones of the cerebellum. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 22 (2021) 92-110

De Zeeuw Group

Sander Lindeman, Sungho Hong, Lieke Kros, Jorge F Mejias, Vincenzo Romano, Robert Oostenveld, Mario Negrello, Laurens W J Bosman, Chris I De Zeeuw #2 Cerebellar Purkinje cells can differentially modulate coherence between sensory and motor cortex depending on region and behavior Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (2021) Download

Lohmann Group

Marina E Wosniack, Jan H Kirchner, Ling-Ya Chao, Nawal Zabouri, Christian Lohmann, Julijana Gjorgjieva #3 Adaptation of spontaneous activity in the developing visual cortex eLife 10 (2021) Download

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