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Our brain is our most complex and fascinating organ. Our brain is responsible for everything we do, think and experience. What mechanisms lie hidden within those one hundred billion nerve cells, linked by one hundred thousand kilometers of connections? The scientists of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience are working to answer these questions.


Kamermans Group

Matthew Yedutenko, Marcus H C Howlett, Maarten Kamermans #1 Enhancing the dark side: Asymmetric gain of cone photoreceptors underpins their discrimination of visual scenes based on their skewness. The Journal of physiology (2022) 123-142 Download

Salta Group

Lin Zhang, Paul J Lucassen, Evgenia Salta, Peter D E M Verhaert, Dick F Swaab #2 Hippocampal neuropathology in suicide: Gaps in our knowledge and opportunities for a breakthrough. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 132 (2022) 542-552 Download

De Zeeuw Group

Xiaolu Wang, Manuele Novello, Zhenyu Gao, Tom J H Ruigrok, Chris I De Zeeuw #3 Input and output organization of the mesodiencephalic junction for cerebro-cerebellar communication. Journal of Neuroscience Research 100 (2022) 620-637 Download

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