Gene therapy restores skilled hand function in rats with spinal cord injury

Vidi grant for Aleksandra Badura

Casella Prize 2018 awarded to Chris de Zeeuw

Deep brain stimulation regulates blood sugar

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Our brain is our most complex and fascinating organ. Our brain is responsible for everything we do, think and experience. What mechanisms lie hidden within those one hundred billion nerve cells, linked by one hundred thousand kilometers of connections? The scientists of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience are working to answer these questions.


Verhaagen Group

E.R. Burnside, Fred De Winter, Athanasios Didangelos, Nicholas D James, E.C. Andreica, H. Layard-Horsfall, E.M. Muir, J. Verhaagen, E.J. Bradbury Immune-evasive gene switch enables regulated delivery of chondroitinase after spinal cord injury. Brain (2018) Download

De Zeeuw Group

Simona V Gornati, Carmen B Schäfer, Oscar H J Eelkman Rooda, Alex L Nigg, Chris I De Zeeuw, Freek E Hoebeek Differentiating Cerebellar Impact on Thalamic Nuclei Cell Reports 23 (2018) 2690-2704 Download

Verhaagen Group

Inés Maldonado-Lasunción, J. Verhaagen, Martin Oudega Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Macrophage Choreography Supporting Spinal Cord Repair Neurotherapeutics (2018)

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