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Valeria Gazzola

Neuroscience Symposium

Date 17 February 2023
Research group Gazzola
Location Amsterdam
Program 4:00 p.m - Title to be announced
4:45 p.m - Discussion and Drinks

The Guest Speaker: Francesco Papaleo, principal investigator
Instituto Italiano Di Technologia, Genetics of Cognition.

Title: Neural Circuits of Social Cognition.


Emotion recognition and consequent social reaction are important for a healthy life. This might guide individual choices favoring self-interest or the interest of others, depending on context and the relationships between individuals. Here, I will present our recent discoveries on evolutionary conserved brain networks mediating these socio-cognitive processes. Human imaging and mouse anatomical, optogenetics manipulations and Ca2+ imaging data will be presented. Overall, our findings start providing a neurobiological comparative model with relevance to pathologies associated with dysfunctions in social cognition.


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