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Guest speaker Vootele Vöikar

Neuroscience Symposium

Date 10 March 2023
Location Amsterdam
Program 4:00 p.m - Mouse behavioural phenotyping and research quality
4:45 p.m - Discussion and Drinks

Host: Viola Galligioni

The Guest Speaker: Dr. Vootele Vöikar, Research Coordinator, Neuroscience Center. Helsinki Institute of Life Science, University of Helsinki & Finnish Reproducibility Network Helsinki, Finland.

Title: Mouse behavioural phenotyping and research quality.


The problem of “reproducibility crisis” in science has been a hot topic for research community and society in general during last 10-15 years. These debates have pointed at many possible causes of poor reproducibility, and clearly, emphasize the need for continued training and implementing the best research practice.
Using animals for scientific purposes is under public scrutiny, and failures are fueling the activists demanding immediate ban of animal experiments. Therefore, the utmost care should be expressed in order not to waste the animals because of questionable experimental design.

Modern science is multidisciplinary, requiring sophisticated equipment and deep expertise in different areas. Core facilities have a central position in many areas of research, providing access to equipment, skills and validated methods.

I will present the development of mouse behavioural phenotyping facility from scratch in Helsinki and argue that core facilities have an important role in addressing the concerns about the quality and robustness of preclinical research and promoting best practice. I will also emphasize the need for efficient communication and networking for successful research.

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