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Dick Swaab’s ‘Our creative brains’ available in English

Dick Swaab’s Our creative brains is now also available in English in the form of an e-book. The book provides insight into how the interactions between the brain and our environment shape us as humans.

Our environment not only contributes to the unique development of our brain, but also to the emergence of brain diseases – and their cure. Expressions of creativity, for example in the form of music and visual arts, appear to be of therapeutic value for brain disease. The development of our brain influences our choice of profession, and our profession has an effect on the structure and function of our brain. These subjects and more are covered in the successful successor of We are our brains.

The e-book is available on the internet.




Dick Swaab

Swaab Group

Neuropsychiatric Disorders

The hypothalamus regulates and integrates a wide variety of endocrine, autonomic and behavioral processes which are essential for the organism’s survival and reproduction. The hypothesis that guides our research is that disturbances of the functional activity of the human hypothalamus may develop into neurological, psychiatric or (neuro)endocrine disorders.

The present research is focusing on two research objectives:

  1. To determine the hypothalamic basis of signs and symptoms of psychiatric, neurological and neuroendocrine disorders.
  2. To reactivate metabolically impaired neurons in Alzheimer patients in order to maintain or restore function.

The aim of both research lines is to find putative factors and targets for therapeutic strategies.

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